Full Version: Campaign Series East Front PBEM
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A friend and I want to Play East Front by email. I sent him the .bte file for Red Steel at Federovka.  In the set up I selected Axis as my local player and fog of war.  No other changes.  Made my move and sent to him.  He loaded and sent me a text that it shows "error reading scenario file" (quote from his text).  Any advice or thoughts would be helpful.  Thanks in advance.
Did you end turn?
(12-05-2023, 11:22 PM)Outlaw Josey Wales Wrote: [ -> ]Did you end turn?

Pressed the end turn button on the bottom menu and saved.  Just as a note.  Had my friend send to me a start to the same scenario.  I got an error when I said to play replay, but the turn played when I did not select replay.  Hmm.
Are you gentlemen both playing the same version?

The most current version is 2.02.

Another possibility as that files can become corrupted upon email transfer. You might want to try zipping it and see if that helps the issue.