Full Version: SBWW2 Eastern Front Vol. II 1942-1945(?) released.
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Hello folks, here is SBWW2 East Front Volume II-1943-1945(?). This is a mod, basically a self contained game actually requires Wargame Design Studio Squad Battles Red Victory to play. As the title suggests, this iteration provides battles with 24 countries included included from 1943 to 1945 and beyond! There are over 870 vehicles, hundreds of guns and personal and heavy weapons in the database, so if you are an inclined scenario designer, it is a huge toybox/toolbox for creating virtually limitless possibilities. There are 25 scenario's included, some are fresh makes from myself and my friends who helped test it, John Pirman and Ashley McLeod, and some are conversions from Red Victory, they will play much differently in this mod. Armor values, penetration have been reworked as in Volume I, you will find a more immersive battle situation I believe. As with volume I this is a 2D only mod for now, I am working on 3D but with the sheer amount of vehicles and units, it will most likely be years in the making, as I do all the graphics myself. To install, you must own Red Victory. Download the mod and unzip into the folder you keep your Wargame Design Studio games, it will create a new game directory called SBWW2 East Front Vol. II. In your stock Red Victory game, copy all the existing Executables, and paste them into your new folder provided, and voila. Every scenario will as always have a description, at the beginning will usually be displayed the date, the description, then a brief statement telling you the sides involved and who goes first. Lastly there will be a special statement as to whether the scenario in question uses a special sub-mod you load with JSGME provided. If there is, cancel scenario, load the sub mod by running JSGME, find the suggested mod on the left pane, select it, hit the right facing arrow in the center to enable it, hit ok, let it load, exit. Then, load the scenario again and enjoy changes in the season, camo, etc. specific to the scenario. Remember to disable it by doing the opposite when completing the scenario.

Without further ado, here is the link, I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed creating it!

SBWW2 Volume II
If you downloaded this earlier, a file was missed for Paw of the Tiger, please redownload or you will get an error, my apologies, was really tired when I compiled it last night.