Full Version: SBWW2 Eastern Front Vol. I 1939-1942 released.
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Ok, here is SBWW2 East Front, Volume I, 1939-1942 For Wargame Design Studio's Squad Battle Advance of the Reich.. (Squad Battles World War 2) This project has been going on since April to convert everything to the new version 4.01 standard of Advance of the Reich. You must own the base game already to use this mod. To install, just unzip this mod into the folder where you keep your WDS Squad battles games, it will make a folder with all the files needed EXCEPT the executables. You will need to copy/paste all the Advance of the Reich executables into this new folder to play it. All the scenario's from here on out in the description will let you know at the end of the description who the combatants are, and who moves first. This is a top down, 2d only game for now, 3D will take me longer than a year to do all the vehicle graphics, of which there are over 876 of them, so don't try to use 3d at all, also no alternate figures, just top down, I am working on a new alternate set, but will take a very long time to compile over 40+ different nations uniforms! I hope you enjoy the mod, will keep making scenario's to support it, even while working on the upcoming mods to the Squad Battles Series. Each title in WW2 will have it's own version of the SBWW2 Mod, next is East Front Volume II, 1943-1945(?). I hope to get experienced scenario designers to discover all the tools in this mod to make more scenario's as well, the tools are here to make a scenario from any country involved in Eastern Front warfare in early WW2! Here is the link, have fun!!
[/url][url=!AmEaW_rdp6RpuGsGhEZyAstI_X2L?e=etOF7n]SBWW2 Eastern Front Vol. I