Full Version: Squad Battles mods and impending SB updates
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Hello folks, not sure when releases are for any Squad Battles updates, but a quick reminder concerning my mods. When the new releases do come out, DO NOT, try to update my mods, they will fail! I am going to make them compatible, but will take some time due to many changes, so I've heard!

SBWW2 MOD, and SB the Forgotten War MOD.

Thank you!!
Work is coming along on the new version of the mod. Got the vehicles done, working on the guns, then resize the heavy weapons, and the infantry, then edit the data files to remove the X factor for weapons and put in flags for the counter markers, so getting closer!

There will be East Front, using the Advance of the Reich game-Covers from early East Front 1939 action to the end of the war.

West Front, using Eagles Strike, will cover Blitzkrieg in the West, Desert, Balkans, Italian Campaign, Mediterranean theatres.

Pacific Front, using Pacific War, covering all the Pacific Theatre.

Northern Front, using Winter War covers Finn action Winter War and Continuation War, other Northern actions.