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I have ben recently modifying the 3D Graphics for Units in a couple of Squad Battles Games.

I have been looking at a handful of games including some games that do not feature 3D graphics at all.

I have started work on Dien Bien Phu for example and finding this a bit of fun.

[Image: Screenshot%20%28885%29.png]
I am using the 3D Terrain from either of these 2 excellent mods available here and here,

Once I have some 3D terrain ,particularly for a game that does not have a 3D mode at all ,like
Pacific War
Dien Bien Phu

Then I can add in some 3D Units (infantry) and  3D Vehicles (Tanks).

For the Infantry it has been a matter of getting some Infantry that suit the game from another in the Series (which has 3D infantry) and copy/pasting the appropriate bits to my game in question.
Anecdote here ,some games like Pacific War actually have 3D Infantry in the game itself but no 3D Terrain.
For Dien Bien Phu I think from memory I am using British and Japanese Infantry (Pacific War sourced) for the French and Viet Minh.

It is a bit more trouble with the Vehicles.
I have worked out one way is to take a generic set of 3D Vehicles ,like in Eagles Strike and then modify the pictures for my particular game.
Only started on Dien Bien Phu at present.
Basically start a game up ,see which Vehicle on Screen is what and then changing my generic 3D picture to suit.
Taking me a while but is working.
Dien Bien Phu was a good starting game to test my techniques since the French did not use a large variety of Vehicles. Don't think the Viet Minh used many if any Vehicles as well.
I found I could do some swapping in the big 3D Vehicle Image ,as in move a Truck I needed from one position elsewhere to where I wanted it for example. 
Some units did not exist though . For these I am only using 2 directions ,left and right ,rather than the full six hex facings. And for my image I am using a nice picture from the Info Box ,but this time it will be scaled to fit on the map.
Cool idea and it works.
I have made a 1st version of

Dien Bien Phu 3d Unit Graphics.
Use default assets from Pacific War and also
3DVehicles50 and 100 and 3DExplosions50 and 100 from
The Vehicles file is heavily edited by me including additions from Info Pics from DBPhu itself, and the explosions are unaltered but needed for 3D assault animation-especially in a game without any 3D assets itself like DBPhu.
Thanks to       hub6actual       for giving me permission to use the assets in his mod.

Download here, (this is now the updated 1st version )

Also a different version as well,
Dien Bien Phu 3d Units Mod V2 (with Vehicle bases)

You need to use some 3D Terrain as well.
I am supplying the 3D Infantry and Vehicles ,also 3D explosions for Assaults.

I would suggest the "JmodSB_V2.3" since it works out off the box ,no edits required and has nice Jungle terrain included.
See here,

Thought I better add,
you need the Dien Bien Phu base game as well.

You would then use JGSME and load both 
JmodSB_V2.3    and
SEAN MOD BASES 3D and extras SHARE    (my bit)

Then you play game.

[Image: Screenshot%20%28903%29.png]
I have done some  work ,
for Vietnam Squad Battles.

Really like the T34, it is from Red Victory.
The PT76 is just a 2D ,still looks OK.

Created this a bit differently,
Warhorse messaged me that 
info unit pic number=3d unit pic number
That way I could just compare 2 pics and do my alterations.
This saved a huge amount of in game checking.(And Time)

I have used base Vehicle 3d Tank pics from Red Victory this time ,supplemented with the Info Box Pictures in 2D. They still look OK in 3D map. I think I used American 3D infantry from ES and the same Viet infantry from my last mod (DBP) . Different bases though for infantry ,green for USA and mustard for North Vietnam. 

I am pretty happy with it.
Little teaser look out for my modified Jeep 3d Picture with hand drawn 106RR.
(one of my favourite units from another game Campaign Series Middle East)
(it is though the Red Victory 3d Jeep with my gun drawn on the back)
(this jeep106 is available in the 1st scenario of the game)

(I have put a slight update here ,same file, seems like my initial download was not my final version, it missed 3 units down bottom. This version is complete.)

Slightly different new version,
Version where Vehicles have bases.

Have to use the same technique as last time,
use JGSME and load both 
JmodSB_V2.3    and
SEAN 3d UNITS VIETNAM    (my bit)

[Image: Screenshot%20%28943%29.png]
Slight Update.
I am redoing my 1st mod for Dien Bien Phu.

Learnt a bit from my 2nd mod in Vietnam and thought I would do a version 2 for DBPhu with my new technique - It is more accurate and , this time doing all units .
Progressing well.

I have updated the previous download link for    DIEN BIEN PHU   mod.
To the legions that have already downloaded it ,grab the new improved version.
I had another idea for the Vehicle 3D pictures.
Maybe I could add little bases under them like Infantry have.
I have made a mock up just using Gimp ,photo pasting as a proof of concept.
I think it enhances the weaker 2D images .The 3D images it does not have as great an effect.

I have actually made this enhanced version for both 
Dien Bien Phu
(which include the little bases for the Vehicles.)
See my respective download links.

[Image: Screenshot%20%28943%29PHOTOshopped.png]
I have made another version of Dien Bien Phu Mod.
Using my little bases idea.


Dien Bien Phu 3d Units Mod V2 (with Vehicle bases)

[Image: Screenshot%20%28986%29.png]
This is very interesting. I did a quick test with the Grenada demo. It works.
I was wondering if a 3D chit type image might work so I tried a test and It works good as well.
Nato symbols might be an easier way to go. You could use them across a multiple titles.
Well done Sean! That's thinking outside the box.

[Image: test.jpg]

[Image: test1.jpg]
I really like the Grenada version you have made -
it looks cool.

I do like Nato symbols ,more for infantry than AFVs and you seem to have hit the nail on the head with your screenshot . As in I like it.

Could you post the file here for what you have done so I could play around with them?
I dont mind if you only did 1 Army or half an Army even.
I must have the Grenada Demo ,else I could redownload it from WDS

I like the little Jeep Tokens you have on Bases.
They remind me of one of my favourite CSME units in 2D (israeli Jeep106RRs)

I am interested how you tackled the Infantry ,I assume you put nato symbols in rows in the 
and others in the same series of images?
And then they automatically sat on the vanilla bases the game uses?
I tried both ways with the infantry but reverted to the chit with separate base. It took a few tries to get the positions aligned. I did not do the HQ's or support units. Maybe another day.
The jeep token was taken from 2D vehicles in the map folder. I just resized.
Here is my test folder. I suggest copying the 3D explosions in the map folder (game will crash without it). I found this out the hard way. I included a separate folder with templates. Have fun.

[Image: test3.jpg]
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