Full Version: SB AoTR SBWW2 Mod version 23
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Here is the latest update to the SBWW2 Mod, version 23. Added more scenario's, Hungarian SS, redid some of the unit graphics as well as terrain graphics, also some more weapons and vehicles additions. There are a few new sounds for Inf AT weapons as well.

Here is the link to Version 23, again, if you already have my mod, disable all the terrain etc. sub mods with JSGME, then unzip this into the SBWW2 Folder. If this is your first time, make a new folder called SBWW2 Mod, copy everything from your Advance of the Reich game EXCEPT oob's and scenario's, paste that into the new folder, then unzip my mod into that new folder.
Using the included JSGME modswapper utility, my defaults are usually PzB terrain, Slopes Base in that order. Scenario descriptions will inform you if you need to install some terrain for a specific scenario!

SBWW2 Mod version 23
Excellent!! Thanks Mike!! Big Grin
(05-08-2022, 11:20 AM)BigĀ Ivan Wrote: [ -> ]Excellent!! Thanks Mike!! Big Grin