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This mod is intended to be used with NATO graphics selected while in 2D mode. I was always a little put off because the vehicle graphics couldn't face in the direction they were travelling in, and various combinations of "talking heads", vehicle silhouettes, top downs etc. weren't doing the job for me either. Additionally, the smaller graphics were not very visible. I feel the NATO graphics unifies everything on the 2D map, and makes the above issues go away to a certain extent.
      I have borrowed bits and pieces from many sources besides my own for this compilation. My thanks goes out to Richie61, Xerxes77, IronX, Jison, and Bigus for their great work, of which I have borrowed some bits and bobs from each of their previous creations. I've also repurposed portions from various other games in the John Tiller / WDS pantheon, and I'm grateful to the late John Tiller for the many hours of enjoyment his games have given me through the years. Any errors in this compendium are mine alone.
      Set up to be activated with JSGME, or can be dropped directly into the ES main directory. JSGME included in download.


M43 Stielhandgranate "potato masher" (graphics, load, and weapon)
M2 Grenade "pineapple" (graphics, load, and weapon)
M9 AT Rifle Grenade (for M1 & M1903 - load and weapon)
GwP AT Rifle Grenade (for Gewehr 98 - load and weapon)
NATO style wireframes for all Vehicles, Guns, and appropriate Heavy Weapons (both sizes 50 and 100)
"Barber Pole" unit highlighting (2D and 3D)
Updated style of 2D Unit & Vehicle chits
Updated style of 3D Unit bases
Numerous tweaks to Vehicle, Gun, and Heavy Weapons Graphics
Database tweaks
Revamped Leader, Unit, Weapon and Vehicle boxes
Desaturated 3D terrain graphics so they're not as gaudy looking as previously
Adjusted 2D Normal, Mud, Snow, and Soft graphics for better visualization of height levels
Tweaks to 2D and 3D Symbols (sizes 50 & 100)
New Cover, Win, Lose, Draw graphics

Download link below (20.44 mb):

[Image: ES%202D%20view.jpg][Image: ES%203D%20view.jpg]
Looks pretty cool from the screenshots.
Even like the new 3D view.
Nice job.

Thanks for sharing.
Good for something new to play with.

Are you doing a similar version for any of the other games in the series?
AOTR or RV would be fun too.
Thank you for your kind words. I only have ES, ToD, and KW in the series. On the other two, I’ve gotten as far as new info boxes with the same national flag background motif. Starting April 1, RL will be making me busy and further work may have to wait until October. I’ve also worked up a set of ES info boxes that are less busy to look at vs the flags, in case there is any interest in that.
(03-20-2022, 02:53 PM)hub6actual Wrote: [ -> ][snip.. snip]
Database tweaks

What tweaks did you make to the database?, do you just mean you just added some units or did you change some values?
Besides the addition of some weapons and loads, I made a number of changes to correct wrong picture attributions, and a couple of cases where incorrect weapons were assigned, a couple of cases involving incorrect crew sizes. Many of these I had done over the course of several months, fixing as I found things during my solitaire play. But the most profound change was converting the assault parameters using the guidelines as set out by Xerxes77
here on the forum.

The above was the main reason I formatted the mod to be installed/uninstalled at will using JSGME, so that pbem players could stay on the same page, assuming one of them wasn’t using the mod. Or players who decided that they didn’t like the mod could easily remove it. I apologize for not being more specific. To be honest, I made some of the changes so long ago, I can’t remember all of them.
Thanks, looks like youve done a lot of hard work.
Nice collection of mods and improvements there... I particularly like the square bases!

Thanks for sharing! :-)
Thank you for your support. It seems I was further along on Tour of Duty than I recalled, so I might be able to get it done before I get too busy with my volunteer work starting in April.
The info boxes are already done and I can use the NATO graphics I made for ES. There’s no 3D elements involved. Most of the time will be spent trying to generate top down views for the vehicles and going over the database. New elements will be limited to the M1911 and TT30 pistols, Type 97 and M26/67 grenades. Jacob’s Ladder replaced by Rescue Hoist with Jungle Penetrator (works the same, just a different graphical representation). If I can work up some decent looking graphics, I’d like to add the HH-43 Huskie helo.
I had another look at this Mod today.

I made a little change where I made the Infantry bases Round just like in Matrix Campaign Series.
I also like the normal Unit Boxes so I am using vanilla for them.
It looks really cool.
The Mod itself is great as is by the way, I just wanted a few small tweaks.

Got me thinking,
I know a few other Squad Battles games like Red Victory, AOTR and Pacific War all use 3d graphics.
What about the other games in the series?
I thought maybe I could use this mod for some of the other games as well.
I have a few other titles but cannot seem to remember whether they have 3d mode or not.

I just tried 3 games that don't have 3d graphics-
Dien Bien Phu
Korean War
Also tried Pacific War v4,it seems like Current Version no longer has 3d.Sure the old one did since I noticed the War in Africa Mod ,which I played a bit did not support the 3d element. Weird that it was removed. 
(edit) Tried Pacific War again, reinstalled it. And initially I thought the 3D mode was still not working and strangely enough it works now. Even weirder than before. Definitely looks like 3D is a go in Pacific War.
I am glad the 3D is working since I am looking forward to playing this game again in a different  view mode.

Done some more testing now, Turning into an Odyssey all this checking.
AOTR, Red Victory ,Pacific War and the hero here Eagles Strike all still work in 3d Mode.

Does someone have a list of which other games use 3d graphics?

[Image: Screenshot%20%28868%29.png]
I have played around with Pacific War a bit more.

This particular game is a slight problem (ES,AOTR and RV seem fine in comparison).

The problem in        PACIFIC WAR       is there is no 3D assets to start with.

If I place some 3D terrain from a mod that solves the Terrain Issue.
3D Infantry seem like they are in game .
3D Vehicles are not in game.
So basically if I use this Mod Deriviative here I will have -
all Ok but no vehicles.

I have put the ES 3d vehicles here in this game but the problem is then the vehicles are in the wrong position. I will get a Tank appearing in 3d Map for a Horse for example.
I have never altered the 3d Vehicle graphics before ,maybe I could have a go at that ,but problem is I need to interface with unit viewer to know which picture number corresponds to which unit.
Another option would be I place a generic unit in all 3d Vehicle Graphic positions that illustrates a "Vehicle" ,maybe even a Nato Symbol here as the generic graphic ,like a nato armour "football".

Does any other user have an idea about this game {Pacific War" and the 3d Vehicles appearing on map?

I would even like to give Dien Bien Phu and Vietnam a go too ,in the view that I could get some 3D happening in those games too. I am starting with Pacific War though at present.

Can someone share the 3d assets from another game like "The Proud and the Few" so I could have vehicles and the normal jungle 3d terrain maybe?
(I dont have that game ,do have Vietnam and DBPhu but they have no vanilla 3D)
I particularly wanted 
and maybe some of the other Terrain assets like maybe

I have made my own thread to explore some of these issues I have described.