Full Version: Voluntary guidelines for the reporting of partially completed large scenarios.
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In the past there have been no guidance from the club to inform players of their options when they report a partially completed large scenario, on mutual agreement the scenario could be reported at any point and I would like to stress that anyone wishing to continue with this procedure is completely free to do so, the following are just guidelines, their use is voluntary and no one should feel that they are under any compunction to use them unless they wish to, they can also only be used by mutual agreement of the players.

Following a discussion on the forum regarding the effects reporting of large scenario’s where only a small proportion of the turns have been played, it has become apparent to us that there is a requirement in the reporting procedure to allow players more options when reporting such games. It was also felt by some players that as these scenarios attract a large amount of points they hence had a considerable effect on players ladder rankings, so these guidelines would encourage more fairness to the reporting system.

1)     For simplicity a “Large Scenario” is any scenario of 100 turns or more, ignore the fact that the scenario has the term "Campaign" in the title.
2)     It is our recommendation that a large scenario will be considered sufficiently advanced and can be reported for full points if 25% of the total turns have been completed (note this does not apply to large FWWC scenarios ended via the “scenario termination” feature).
3)     If 25% of the total turns have not been completed players now have the option to report the scenario to a special entry in each titles scenario database, they with then be awarded a reduced amount of points. For simplicity this entry will be top of the scenario list as seen below for S41.

[Image: Partial%20scenario%20in%20DB.jpg]
This new procedure has been put in place because of the following situations.
a)  Each large scenario’s database statistics can be skewed by partially finished or abandoned games being reported.
b)  Players feeling uncomfortable with reporting partially finished games for full points, so they don’t report at all and hence receive no points for their efforts.
c)    Players with no other option than reporting for full points which has the unfortunate effect of artificially increasing their ladder rankings.
Using this special database entry will avoid all these situations.
We hope these guidelines will allow players more choice when reporting a large scenario’s, I would also like to remind players that anyone who completes all the turns of a large scenario can earn a 25 point bonus, all we require is the final file and password.

As these guidelines are voluntary I don't see the need to debate if this is a good/bad idea because if you don't agree with the guidelines you can just ignore them, but if anything I have posted above is not clear then please post your questions below.  Smile

I will move this thread to the sticky thread area once it has been displayed for a while.