Full Version: Graphic issue in CS (and other JTS titles)
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In the days, I discovered when I have the visible hexes mode turned on, or I play in a night scenario, so there are hexes with some greyish fog, when I'm scrolling, the game screens starts to "vibrating". It happens only in the 2D or 3D zoom out views.

I checked a few other JTS titles (napoleonic, squad battles), they have the same problems, the only difference is the view mode where it happens.

I guess it's related to the GPU driver, because I didn't have this problem before on the same computer.  Have you had the same experience, especially with AMD cards?
I use Win7 64 bit.
If it is a recent problem, it might be Win7. Time to upgrade to Win10. My 7 worked fine and I only upgraded at the last second while it was still free. The one thing I am very glad of is they still have the option of the classic look.
Win 10 can still be upgraded free.

Sounds like a driver issue, but hard to say. Are you using an up-to-date driver? If so, you could try rolling it back to an older one. I assume your AMD chip doesn't have integrated graphics? I know some do. I think they have a G after the number? If so, try using the integrated graphics, not the GPU. Sorry, no real solutions here, just some troubleshooting tips, but at least you'd know for sure what the problem is.