Full Version: SB The Forgotten War Mod
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Here is the upgrade for the Squad Battles Korean War title. Make a copy of your original KW game, make a new folder called SB The Forgotten War Mod, then paste that into the new folder. Take this zip and unzip into the new folder, overwriting anything it warns about. Alternatively, after creating a new folder, or even overwrite your original(not recommended), just take the contents of the SB The Forgotten War Mod folder in the zip, and dump them into the new folder you made.

I've added in every country and the weapons employed that were involved in the conflict, and made a few scenario's to start. I tried to get folks to help me playtest, but out of 6 guys that downloaded it, one guy actually helped me, so here it is, hopefully folks will use the tools and design away! 3D has been omitted since it will require a ton of work to get that up to snuff, and am not doing that right now, 2D has been revamped, to play ANY winter scenario, use JSGME within the game folder to enable the frozen mod, will turn everything to winter wonderland!

Enough hooplah, here it is, enjoy!!

EDIT-New scenario, and added Xerses77 slopes mod to the game as well!

SB The Forgotten War v.7

[Image: KW%20Mod.jpg]
I updated the link for the game here, was brought to my attention it may have been an older version.
Been awhile, just made a scenario for the mod, and will be releasing an update for this soon!
Updated link for new version!