Full Version: TTS (Tabletop Simulator Berserk Games)
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Perhaps this might be of use to you.
Awhile ago while considering moving my boardgame library to digital I and a lot of other folks looked into
the Vassal engine and others, to do just that.
Tabletop Simulator from Berserk games (Steam) does the same with a flair.
You can import maps, cards, figurines, buildings, PDF, even a music score into the editor and come out
with your favorite boardgame. The Workshop section on Steam features a huge number of games and mods
There is a growing section on Napoleonic, or Black Powder style of gaming as well. 
I haven't published yet on workshop. The maps are 2D, but 3D features can be added. We use ours on a stretch
table; we can manipulate the size. Your map your rules your method.
Maps can be pasted directly on its surface.

Below is a table 3 x 4 feet (currently used to play with Blucher rules and cards).

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