Full Version: Open beta test for my battle of Morhange scenario
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Hi all
I have been working on this one for some time now and make some changes to the first draft after a partial play through taking the German side against the AI.

Could do with some feedback on head to head play but my long standing wargames partner is tied up for a couple of weeks with other projects.

Wondered how people felt about giving it a spin and providing feedback  in this thread? You can download the scenario files via the dropbox link given below.

The situation here is basically one of a off the march attack carried out by the German XXI army Corps against the French 39e infantry division who are fully deployed but have not had the opportunity to dig in. The Germans arrive in waves one division after the other. However all 3 of their indirect fire artillery battalions (2 light and one heavy) are deployed off map and available for use from game turn 1, with the first troops (the divisional cavalry regiment of 31st Infantry Division) arriving next turn.

There are 4 objective hexes for the Germans to take. One close to with 100 pts two in the middle of the map worth 200pts each and one near the southern end with a 300 pts value.

Don't be taken in by the relatively small (24 hexes wide by 16 hexes) map. This is in CS game turns a large scenario with the Germans fielding 27 infantry battalions 8 cavalry squadrons 3 engineer companies and 28 artillery batteries (10 indirect fire ones off map) against a French force of 12 infantry battalions 1 cavalry squadron 1 engineer company and 9 artillery batteries all of which are direct fire. (these are however all deployed and ready to go with good fields of fire.  

As the battle was fought in August dawn was long over when the German attack kicked off around 6pm but the battlefield was shrouded in thick mist which helped to conceal the advance of the German infantry but also greatly hindered their artillery preparation.  As programmed changes in visibility range are not present in the version of the JT CS engine used to make the Great War mod I have used the "dawn attack" option in the editor to give low visibility in the early turns which generally lifts around game turn 9 or so. 

To start with I was a bit daunted by the hundreds and hundreds of infantry units but if you keep all sub units of an individual infantry company together in the same hex and move them around as a unit this is a lot easier and actually looks rather good in 3D reflecting the impression of waves of attacking infantry that show up in some of the eyewitness accounts and battlefield photographs.

As explained in the scenario notes it is based on one of the same name in the "Great War Spearhead II" "Marching to War" scenario booklet.

Enjoy and please feel free to make comments and suggestions.
Hello Ian, welcome to the forum 

I am not at my PC at the moment, but what you describe above sounds like an interesting scenario 


One thing from your notes: it is in fact possible to have programmable visibility with JTCS 2.0.

See HERE on my old post at the Matrix forum. It is written with a beta version of JTCS 2.0, but the visibility settings have not changed.

I will be able to look at your scenario tomorrow I believe. Helmet Smile
Hi Petri,

The WW1 mod doesn't support that function, unfortunately!
Ah OK. Never mind then, dawn attack it is!
I wish it had all the features, but Wyatt did the exe's, I have no clue how to do any of that!
Has anybody else had problems  when playing the scenario using PBEM with it crashing after the replay just before the start of the German player's game turn two ? Crazy