Full Version: Unit /Weapon types to get further clarification on
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Hi Mike
I have been having an explore in the WW1 Mod's order of battle editor and can see that it includes a really extensive range of individual weapon types including some equipment that did not quite make it onto the battlefield in time to be used by 11th November 1918 so that there a plenty of scope for plan 1919 type scenarios here.

Most of the weapon/ equipment types available are self explanatory, however there are a few where things are not so clear cut and it would be helpful if  you could confirm if my hunches are correct hear.

1.Fortress Guns = Are these none mobile and do they come with armoured copulas that have to be placed on bunkers?
2.Machine Gun strongpoint = are these effectively none mobile hard target units and can other units enter then?
3.Dug out (15cm Shell Proof) = Are thee set up to work like none mobile APC's that infantry and weapons units can load or unload from and can they fire out of them when inside?
4.Explosive Flat Wagon = How does one use these ?
5.Also while details the on map reconnaissance aircraft are given those available for scenario designers for airstrikes are not, could we perhaps at some point have an aircraft list document  similar to those provided for the  West Font & East Front games?

Also I do think it would be better to have the majority of HQ units in the game represented by pack horses or similar animals as my guess is this is what the equivalent battalion and brigade trains in most formations in all armies would have actually used in most cases.

Kind regards
Hi Ian,

Thanks for your interest in the mod!

I'll try to answer your query, it was tough for me as well, since the original author did some of these, and the programmer figured them into the game, but looking at the special 'flags', I was able to come up with-

Fortress Guns-Represent a gun typically placed in a hard point, bunker, pillbox, they have a high defense value, may be direct or indirect fire.

Machine Gun strongpoint-A hard target, unable to load anything, 3 ROF.

Dug out (15cm Shell Proof)-Exactly, can load troops and is armored, although frontal is vulnerable.

Explosive Flat Wagon-A rail bound explosive, is a one shot assault weapon, meaning you move it up to a target, and assault with it, it will then disappear, regardless of outcome, high assault value.

Observation Balloon-Unmovable observation platform, sees out to max visibility, increases targeting of indirect fire, they usually won't scatter when observed.

I want to eventually have a document with all the specials on it, but alas time is always short, as I am making the graphics for the new Vietnam game and can't spare much time right now. Eventually We will probably develop a WW1 game, so this is somewhat of a demo of sorts. I wasn't sure I would ever even release it, since I couldn't get in touch with the original author, he finally gave me the go ahead a few weeks ago, so it was kind of a spur of the moment decision!
Hi Mike
Thanks very much for this it's a great help.

Not a problem, always feel free to ask! You can drop me an email as well, if you like.
Mike, I honestly believe that Matrix missed the boat on this one. Whistle Whip
I think it could be easily sold as a stand alone in the CS Series.
A lot of players look for tactical WWI games. This one fits the bill, for sure! Thumbs Up


Thanks Ed!! It is supposedly in the works to one day develop a WW1 game, however, that was also my biggest argument for releasing this, once I finally had Paul Adaway's blessing, it may be many years down the line, so this actually might spark interest?!
My brother and I are playing the first scenario on the list "Meeting Engagement." Really enjoying it. Strange, though, working again with the old Talonsoft style menu at the bottom. I'm missing some of the Matrix icons that I've now grown used to. Who'd of thunk.  Smile

A few questions:
  1. My field guns (central powers) don't show up in the artillery plot box. Are those guns only meant for direct fire?
  2. I save the game with unit bases turned on, but next turn they're off again. I don't remember that happening back in the day. Is there a trick to getting them on as the default?
  3. "Meeting Engagement", (not "Meeting Engagement at Brunstatt", but the first scenario listed when opening the game), isn't entered in the Blitz scenario database. Is it just meant as a learning scenario or is that an oversight?

Thanks for the mod, Mike!

Hi Dave! Oops, meeting engagement was an oversight, actually just a generated battle, the first one I tried out long ago. I mistakenly left it in there when I bundled it up, there are a couple other things too, I'm sure, my sincere apologies!

I hear ya about the UI, not by choice, I assure you! There are too many things under the hood that I can't do anything about, not being a programmer, or I would have liked to update it to 2.02 standard. All the maps would have needed converted as well, so, we are stuck for now with the old look, bummer!

1. Yes, field guns are direct fire only, denoted by the arty symbol with infantry straps across, if playing with NATO/Military symbols on? Nice thing about this variety is they fire every turn, ie no shortage of ammo like the indirect fire type, symbolizing sufficient stockpiles of ammo.

2. The bases thing is also a hassle, I agree, not sure if this was in the old games or not, maybe something triggered by the other programmer moving things around, don't know, but agree it sucks having to reset, how spoiled are we?!

3. I didn't enter it because when I went through the scenario's, entering them in the database, I saw that quite a few had slipped through, so didn't post them, as they have no descriptions, or are unfinished by the previous programmer.

I'm glad you are enjoying it, there are more scenario's in the works, BTW!!