Full Version: FFTv3 - FAST & FURIOUS TOURNAMENT 2016
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I hope that is OK if I post here!

For all interested: From 1st of June on the last time I start FFT! For participating You have to register at for the time the tourney goes. As already often mentioned I wander around different clubs to hold CMx1 tournaments alive and to bring to mind the remaining CMx1 providing clubs I know of - so far as I can do that. Maybe an other format of tournament will replace the FFT as "wanderer" between the clubs in the future.

Probably this will be the last time for FFT because it is very time consuming to build and test and re-do all the six scenarios. Other tournaments are more interesting for the future.

Info about FFTv3 here:

FFTv3 Recruiting here:

Greetings :)