Full Version: Scenario of the Month: August 2013: Hedgerows Inferno
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After a long hiatus, "Scenario of the Month" is back with a Jim von Krieg nomination: Hedgerows Inferno:

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Just checked my roster, I played the scenario three years ago. At the time I played through all Normandy H2H scenarios in chronological order, it was good fun. I recall this was mostly about the control of high ground. The battle see-sawed a while but at the end I managed to secure the key LOS hexes and after that it was a cruise to finish, with a good idea what is going on. Getting up there was a tough fight though.
I got clobbered playing axis by Panzerjaeger, and, though I don't see it recorded, I could swear I beat someone playing the allies (maybe my old club?). The fight in both cases centered around the hill Petri referred to. I won't go so far as to say it's the key to victory, but it sure helped in my games.

Very interesting game lot's of choices for the attacker pity I picked the wrong ones when I played and have paid the price.:-)

For the axis make use of early superiority and concentrate on one or at the most two attack vectors, it will seem like you have a good strong force at the start, dilute it at your peril, the centre hill is the key to the main battle but don't rush to command it too soon you can pick off allied spotters from afar with good artillery fire.
Watch out for allies air attacks and there own artillery counter fire and keep and eye out for the allied armour when it arrives as it will arrive in numbers, if you don't take them out quickly you will be overwhelmed.

Allies need to play a waiting game taking what hits they can while getting their armour onto the field. Luckily by the time they arrive in force the panthers are close enough for the numerous Sherman's are able to make a difference and a strong counter attack can swing the game.

All in all the makings of a good game, it needs a canny and skilful axis player to swing the game as I sure it can be done, although I haven't managed it myself so far.
That's right. I played Axis and I think I had initially three attack vectors, among the main roads and then in the center. My center vector soon found out the terrain was a bit too forgiving, so I decided to push through the highways in force.

I think my right flank succeeded first in pushing to the high ground, as I decided to bypass the town there. Once I got the high ground secured, I had some time to concentrate on the town, which I managed to clear out just as the Allied counter attack begun.

My left flank was having a very hard time, it was on a verge of collapse towards the end. The good visibility from the high ground together with my artillery park managed to contain the enemy there if only just.

The high ground itself was a tad easier to defend, I kept rotating fresh spotters to key locations, and managed to scoop and shoot anyone coming up into open from the positions there.