Full Version: Scenario of the Month - June 2012: The Devil's Graveyard
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June 2012 Scenario of the month, nominated by Kool Kat, is "The Devil's Graveyard".

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Gents: Smoke7

"The Devil's Graveyard" is a classic desert meeting engagement that pits a British mobile column versus a German one.

Victory hinges on control of the two 25 VPs located on a small hill near map center. A stone ruin and building should figure heavily in defense preparations.

British players will be introduced to the weaknesses of the under gunned Crusader MBT (2pdr / 40mm main gun) versus the better armed German Mark III (50mm) and Mark IV (75mm) tanks.

Each force has a nice assortment of armored cars, AFVs, infantry, AT guns, and artillery at their disposal.

Maneuver, speed, and flank attacks are the order of the day!

Most battles I have fought tend to dissolve into AFV slug fests. Armored cars have played decisive roles with their speed and ability to flank defenders. Infantry has proved decisive... provided players are careful to keep these platoons intact while transporting - there is not much covered terrain in the desert!

In short, "The Devil's Graveyard" plays fast and furious... requiring players to be ruthless, decisive, and also a little daring with their forces!

A classic!