Full Version: Scenario of the Month - January 2012: Counterstroke at Ilovaysk
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Kicking off the new year, this month's Scenario of the Month, nominated by Oberst, is East Front's "Counterstroke at Ilovaysk".

It's been a while since I played it but remember it well, a tense, highly charged game of cut and thrust and one that is well worth an outing if you have played it before or not.
Just finished playing a mirror of this one against Panzerjaeger in Ashcloud's "King of the Castle Challenge Tournament". I lost both with minors. My allies could have gotten a draw, but my final assault on a german disrupted SP3 light tank came up short. I must have rolled snake eyes.

The scenario tends to seesaw as both sides jostle for position, too strong in one area makes you too weak in another. Lines of site favor one side in one area, the other in another. Germans having a slight range-of-fire advantage, which can be offset by staying out of sight. In my impatience to force the issue, something I neglected to do.

Both mirrors were decided on the final turn, which tends to give the allies an advantage if they play it right, as they move last.