Full Version: Scenario of the Month -December 2011: Still Full of Fight
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Closing out the year, this month's scenario, nominated by Kool Kat, is "Still Full of Fight".

Gents: :smoke:

"Still Full of Fight" is a tense "cat and mouse" armor encounter that pits some of the "creme de la creme" German and American AFVs against each other!

Map is small, but allows options for both sides and features some tricky LOS. Late war armor has long range cannons.! :eek1:

Every unit plays a specific and critical role in this encounter. There is no cannon fodder and the platoons that are lost, I guarantee commanders will wish they could get them back! ;)

The scenario rewards players who adopt sound combined arms tactics and will severely punish those who forget! Players need to be "right" on each move because one or two mistakes and it is "game over!"

"Still Full of Fight" is a "classic" scenario... with a good replay value. It is a scenario that should be played often by players looking for a quick and tense armor encounter! :cool2:

Great little scn, lots of neat kit for both sides, it makes a good training game showing how to use late war amour with support.

I agree tense and action packed and different every time it's played a true classic. cheers
Great scenario and a classic! The power of the 90mm GMC "Slugger" and the Pershing can be seen.

Interesting map too with some surprising LOS where bushwacks can be the order of the day.

With the long range, late war firepower play must be correct; against competent players it can be a nail biter!

Ivan the Big:smoke: