Full Version: Scenario of the Month - November 2011: Tigers Forward
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This month's Scenario of the month is Tigers Forward. Nominated by Ivan the Big.

Anyone have some play tips? Thoughts?

I liked this one because the Germans need to drive hard and fast!

With 15 turns there is not a lot of time to get to the exit hexes and believe me the Soviets will not make it easy! Watch the 85mm ATG's they can hurt German heavy armor at close range.

Important that in the first couple of turns the Soviet forces in Krasnogrodka are destroyed, the Toolrko stream crossed in force and the VP's there secured.

The map is fairly open and the mud conditions don't allow for quick movement so the German player needs to be on his toes ever pushing for the exit VP hexes.

There is good visibility, decent FOF and a substantial Soviet force to make this scenario very interesting.

Ivan the Big:smoke: