Full Version: Scenario of the Month - September 2011: First Clash at Carpiquet
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September's Scenario of the Month, 2011, nominated by Otto von Blotto is West Front's "First Clash at Carpiquet".

Gents: :smoke:

I have found "First Clash at Carpiquet" to be a tough battle for the Axis for several reasons:

* Huge Allied artillery support (12x 25pdr, 9x 5.25-in Naval Guns, 1 dozen or so hand-carried mortars) :eek1:
* Two Sherman battalions (one equipped with Fireflies!) :eek1:
* Terrain - Open with clumps of trees, buildings, and gullies... so Allied player has a good idea where to concentrate his massive firepower... and Axis player does not have much choice as to where he places his defending troops! :eek1:
* The fixed Royal Ulster Rifles (that attempt to release [50% chance] starting on Turn #10)

and on the Axis OOB... not much stands out except some engineers mounted on half tracks and a few companies of Mark IVs.

So, the times I've played the Axis, I would try to concentrate my meager armor platoons into a mobile reserve... have my troops dig in... and try to get my engineers transported to the front lines without getting blown away.

Typically, my troops would get pulverized by the Allied artillery... the Allies would advance under the cover of 25 smoke rounds... I would try to stem the tide by desperately rushing infantry forward to plug holes... only to have the Royal Ulster Rifles release and chew up the Axis right flank! :(

I would really like to know what is an effective Axis strategy to manage either an Axis "Draw" or "Minor Victory" in "First Clash at Carpiquet.?" :chin:
Hi Mike, I know you owe me at this one and if you want I will happily do a rematch as the axis.

The way I've won as the axis in the past is not to fight in the first 10 turns, trade space that you have a lots of and withdraw concentrating your troops while your armour arrives, basically a delaying action followed by limited counters where you have tactical local superiority the road network is in your favor use it to move your stuff around the battle field and pop up where it is least expected.

Lay some artillery traps, you have some good long ranges to catch the allied either mounted or deploying. concentrate your armour and attack then withdraw again.

In short the axis need to fight a mobile battle fighting where it can have a tactical advantage, the LW troops are hard as nails keep them moving and picking off the allies as they advance whittling them down.

It's true at first look the allies do seem to be holding all the aces especially early in the game, but during play I have had harder battles as the allies than the axis. cheers
Gents: :smoke:

Terry "threw down his gauntlet"... and I have picked it up! :eek1: ;)

We have started a "First Clash at Carpiquet" match... with Terry as the Axis!

Interested in how Terry conducts his "mobile defense"... and if I can make headway against it" :chin: Should be a really "interesting" game! :)
Me and Mike are 1/4 of the way in now and are having a great and very interesting and thoughtful game.

Hopefully my axis approach is showing why I think this scenario is so good and very balanced.:smoke:

Even though axis is defending this game needs to be played EA off otherwise I believe it will be ruined for both sides. Whip
As they say in the South.... Terry is giving me "a learning" on the finer aspects of a "mobile defense!" :eek1:

Excellent game! :smoke:
It is a fine scenario... Only played this as Allied, and what a bloody experience it was. Just as it was in the history.

I did make one big blunder assuming all the Allied units would be available for this, but no, one of the tank regiments was fixed for the whole of the game. If I would have done my homework better prior to starting I would have been perhaps a bit more cautious on my advantage.

It did play well for the right mood though. "We are dying here, why don't the HQ send us help!"

EDIT: I would not mind if we get to see who vote what on these polls?
(09-14-2011, 12:20 AM)Battle Kat Wrote: [ -> ]EDIT: I would not mind if we get to see who vote what on these polls?

Lower right below the poll is a link: "show results". Click it and you can see who and how.

Mmm... don't see it... ? First I was not logged in, but I do not see when logged in either...

What I meant is I recall there was an option when creating a poll to allow / disallow visibility on who/what.

I clicked on "show results" and did not see who nor how. We peasants are not in the know? :chin: ;)

Not that I want to know. I'd rather the members votes be hidden. :smoke:


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