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My sincerest thanks to you all.

For your time, thoughtfulness and dedication to the Combat Mission simulation. Your contribution to the honor and memory of the dark days in the past cannot be calculated.
The most important thing is that these scenarios are small "memorials" to the past that reminds us and others that these men, represented in the scenarios, and the war will not be forgotten.

Bear aka William Velovich
A list of the dedicated Play Testers and club officers who I owe much gratitude:
  • Cargol
  • Riprocket
  • Mr Yormsha
  • Bluehand
  • Combat Wombat
  • FOUL
  • Captainkije
  • Zinit22
  • Vartuossi
  • Titti
  • Der Kuenstler
Special thanks to these "semi-retired" members who Tested with me and inspired me to improve:
  • Saint Ruth
  • BT - 7