Full Version: Marjamaki - disussions SPOILER ALERT
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I am in the middle of the playtest for this scenario. I would like to add a few comments to this point.
First, the map is great. Very interesting, with lots of little holes to concern yourself with as the attacker. Lots of goo ways to get to the flags, and I don't mean lots of cover, but you have provided the Fin side with multiple ways to each flag.
Second, I am an infantry nut so I do not mind all the infantry that I have to move around, but more importantly you have provided enough to be able to put pressure on each flag with about a company in strength. This is about the right feel for attacking where you have the ability to find the enemy, engage and move another platoon to flanking positions. With alot of the Fin attacks comming while crossing very open ground. I love it. Moving to engage the enemy through some rather heavy fire in no cover all while trying to flank him is worth it. And you get to practice it again and again.
Third, the amount of armour that the Fins have seems very good, it does not overpower the game at all, and I fi9nd myself trying to have enough ammo to make it to the end of the battle and still provide enough support for the action at hand.
Fourth, I am thinking that it might be very tough to make it to the farthest flags, but the jury is still out on this one. I am making some good headway but I will need to have everything go well or I will run out of time. The group that I have moving to these far away flags have met not enemies yet so they have been moving constantly through trees towards the farthest flags, It will be close to see if I have enough time.
Well that is all for now, enjoying the battle, and will be updating this as the battle nears it's completion.