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Stonne, France, 15th May 1940: After the failure of the counterattack of May 14th with some infantry the French HQ is preparing for another attack. Stonne, a small French village near Sedan, will be the "Verdun" of 1940 for those French and Germans who fought here. During this day the village will change hand several times. For the French it was the starting point of their counterattack that was supposed to plug the hole created by Guderian at Sedan. On the German side, the position has to be taken by the Grossdeutschland Regiment. They must guard the flank of the Panzer Gruppe v. Kleist which is moving west. The 10. Panzer Division will come to their support. [Size small] (stock description) Editor's note: This scenario has been heavily edited based on the following sources: "Blitzkrieg à l’Ouest, Mai-Juin 40" (Jean-Paul Pallud), "Fallait-il sauver le char Bayard ?" (René Boly), "L'Arme Blindée Française (volume 1) : Mai-juin 1940 ! Les blindés français dans la tourmente" (Gérard Saint-Martin), la campagne de l'Ouest de 1940" (Karl-Heinz Frieser), "l'artillerie de la 3e DIM du 14 mai au 7 juin 1940 au sud de Sedan dans la bataille de Stonne" (Musée de l'Artillerie), "Le mythe de la guerre-éclair - la campagne de l'Ouest de 1940" (Karl-Heinz Frieser), "Les combats du Mont-Dieu - Mai 1940" (Gérard Giuliano), Testimonies of various veterans including several from the 41e BCC which were used in the book by René Boly, War diary of the 41e BCC.

Edited by Volcano Man, medium scenario 16 turns.

Designer notes
I cannot stress enough that the unit ratings are so perticular that the following and exact optional rules must be selected or you could get results that are not intended.

This is the case if you are playing a _Alt scenario as a ladder game or running a H2H test on a _Alt scenario.

These optional rules are also found in each notes files in the Alt art / scenario pack.

Here are the optional rules to be used:
[Image: optrules3.jpg]

*Note* If you are playing an ALT scenario in an older PzC title that does not yet have the Quality Fatigue Modifier optional rule, then just play it without the rule. For the most part, the difference in results are not all that drastic as both sides suffer and benefit equally from the rules use, or non use.

That said, the ALT scenarios were created with this rule in mind so when it becomes available you should use it.

Click this link to obtain the scenario file (which is more up to date than the version currently available in the F40 pack which you need to overwrite), you will need to also have the F40 scenario pack from VMods to obtain the OOB/PDT files
Scenario Files

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