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The German 45.Infantry Division has the responsibility to clear the Central Island. Here the 3.Battalion, 135.Regiment had it's realization that the Russians are extremely tough defenders. The battalion was mauled, ambushed and forced to withdraw yesterday. Seventy men survived and are cut off, isolated in the Old Church complex.
A challenging game, battle damaged map and a good test for three players.
This is a very unique and challenging scenario:
  1. German remnants are holed up in a battered citadel and have been under fire and surrounded throughout the night.
  2. Soviets are between the rock and the hard place in that there is a serious German relief effort coming.
  3. The relieving force has some difficult choices to make as well.
V 1.3 posted
Map fixes and detailing.
Good to see cargol versus wigam for the ol Citadel.

C'mon, this scenario deserves more play testers.

There are now three registered games going.

Mr Yormsha and Bear are playing version 1.4; others are using the posted version 1.3.

V 1.4 has two large factories replaced with large wood frame buildings.

Until results come in testing registration is closed to allow revisions/fixes to be uploaded.

Members can still download but cannot "lock up" testing with a registered Play Test.

Thank you Play Testers.
Play Testing is essentially done. Awaiting "Balkan Warrior" and "Sphinx" to finish.

Other Play Test results have warranted modifications.

Version 1.8

German 105 battery issue is resolved with an historically accurate spread of 150 Howitzer (short barrage), 82 mortar (medium ammo) and 75mm (heavy ammo) all on the wire leash.

Additional map fixes to remove bizarre grades.

And Russian Sewer movement remains.
This scenario (v 2.0) will be released as soon as I add the Play Testers, getting permission and correct spelling of names.

Map has been detailed and German arty rounds reduced by 20%.
A battery of 150, 105 and 81s.

Thank you Play Testers, you all help make our club dynamic since each H2H Approved Scenario draws hundreds of gamers to our club site to download new scenarios