Welcome to the Blitzkrieg Wargmaing Club's public FTP Server. On this server you will find numerous downloads that are available for you wargamers. Various stuff on this stie include patches, scenarios, mods, old newsletters, etc. Anything related to the games that we love and play we will work at providing for you. This Anonymous FTP Server is laid out as follows. Demos - Folder with numerous Demos for any game that the club supports or game that we feel you might be interested in. Games - This folder has a few hard to get games that are available for download Grumblers Grapevine - This is the folder where you will find the old Blitz newsletters. They are zipped up and placed here if you wish todownload them. Hardcorps News - Place where we house all the old copies of the HardCorps news. You will find copies from both before and after the Grogsnards/Blitz merger. Mods - Mod files for any games that we have. Patches - All the offical patches for every game that the Blitz supports. Scenarios - In this folder you will find custom made scenarios for any game that we support at the Blitz that has a scenario editor. Player made an new new scenarios will be availabel for download here. Additionally you will find the scenarios from H2H Productions available for for download in this area. If you have something you would like to contribute to the Anon FTP site we are eagerly accepting submissions. Please contact webmaster@theblitz.org. Let me know what it is you wish to upload and we will take care that it is loaded and available for other members in the club. Thanks Achtung Blitzkrieg Panzermeyer Blitzkrieg Webmaster